The Artist’s Playground is a new initiative set-out by KuN(s)T-ity (Alastair Flindall) to rethink the creative processes and structures of art, artists and audience. Does the creation of an artwork really rely on developmental processes, or can it be a product of organic spontaneity residing solely in doing as opposed to thinking? This one-night exhibition seeks to challenge these notions, as well as to unpick the often stone-cold sobriety of the art environment. As children, we’re less aware of ourselves and our surroundings and consequently possess fewer inhibitions. It is only as we learn from adults – be they parents, teachers, group leaders and so on – that we begin to restrict our creative freedoms and potential. To take the idea of a group of children led around an art gallery, constantly shushed and told not to touch by those in authority is not hard to imagine. 


Well, we say that those people are STOOPID. And they probably either smell, or have fleas. OR BOTH. It’s not our fault... and anyway, YOU started it! Our exhibition wants you to play, and you don’t even have to be a certain height to enjoy the ride! Join in, explore, and yes – TOUCH! Like, you can even run around and skid on your knees if you want. We won’t tell. The only thing sillier than telling on someone is YOUR FACE. And and and you can watch stuff like Joseph Hill and KuN(s)T-ity playfighting and messing about and stuff, or make paper aeroplanes with Dale Hipkiss and see how far you can lob ‘em. Jonny Graney will do make-believe worlds that might be real too, and Svetlana Calvert has ways to make you feel really silly but seriously, it’s ok because no one’s mum is gonna be here to tell you to stop it or make you sit up straight or spit on a hanky and rub your face GROSS. 



Other numpties in the exhibition are: 


Alex Homans 


Anna Horton 


Camilla Searle 


Charlie Sarson & Emily Mulenga 


Craig Green 


Dea Paradisos 


Frazer Price 


Sarah Fortes Mayer 


Yasmin Rennie 







(Written by Charlie Sarson)