Through a series of performances KuN(s)T-ity explores the relationship between consumption and addiction. The Intoxicatio-holic is addicted to consumption, nothing is ever enough. Alcohol stars as the first substance in the series.


Often noticeable within addiction is the failure to stop repeating mistakes; the Intoxicatio-holic opens up wounds from past experiences whilst maintaining an alcoholics anonymous meeting. To furher rub salt in the wounds this is performed whilst completing a common drinking game responsible for the shared aftermath; 'Centurion'. The game consists of 100 shots of beer, one must be consumed every mintue until there are no more.


In keeping with the sacred secrecy of an AA meeting, no vidoe footage is recorded, opening a forum to share alike. The Intoxicatio-holic is met with one final challenge as his conscience is personified by an angel and devil upon his shoulders. The reality of his collapsing lifestyle is brought to life as he attempts to hold together an audience, himself and his conscience as it fights for his attention, in attempt to sway the outcome.


Photographs by Craig Green

Special thanks to the Angel: Utsav Patel and the Devil: Amy Phillips.