"This summer of 2013, at the centre of the festival, among different yet traditional stages, you will find a new kind of stage, ‘The Velvet State', shaped like the ridge of a mountain. Moving into it, you will find yourself fall into a fictional universe, on the stage of an art installation, which flirts with unknown poetic or mythological expressions of yourself. 

The performance installation will be created in co-operation with SHJWORKS, the architect Simon Hjermind Jensen (who will develop the architectural concept and build the physical frame of the installation),  ‘Art Zone’ from Roskilde, British performance artist Mark Ellis from ‘Collective Unconscious’ and the 30 performers who will eventually inhabit and make the installation come alive through interaction with the festival participants.  

For the participants who stay longer and dedicate themselves to the principals of the interactive performance art, not only let themselves be entertained – but to participate and engage themselves. 

There are many more levels to be explored and situations to reflect upon in the installation 

As a site-specific, interactive performance, the concept of the Velvet State relates to being within the frame of a festival, perceived as a cultural event which celebrates a certain way of being together. The events happening within the liminal stage of The Velvet State are meant to be a ritualistic celebration, performing the holy, not of a known society and not of the music festival per se. The performance concept of The Velvet State is a creation a materialized imagined space for us to inhabit different characters, which all holds different shades of what we imagine could be the people – living in one of many landscapes in the very aestheticized performative version of A Sensuous Society."


 Written by Inga Gerner Nielsen.

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